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Hail Spot - Blue

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Hail Spot - Blue

The Hail Spot design alternates a cut out dot an embroidered dot forming a positive and negative dot pattern. The series of spots are adapted to each product in the Napery range with the embroidery following around the items or across the bottom of the Guest Towel. The embroidery is done by hand as are the hand drawn hemstitch borders.

The Hail Spot blue design is also available in the Manchester and the Baby Range.
Product Price:
* Products available in this design:
Napkin (40 x 40)
Unit Price: +$ 7.30
Currently Out of Stock

Napkin (50 x 50)
Unit Price: +$ 10.99

Placemat (33 x 48)
Unit Price: +$ 15.99
Currently Out of Stock

Runner (40 x 90)
Unit Price: +$ 24.99

Runner (40 x 120)
Unit Price: +$ 29.99

Guest Towel (38 x 55)
Unit Price: +$ 22.99

Table Cloth Square (135 x 135)
Unit Price: +$ 77.99

Table Cloth (180 x 220)
Unit Price: +$ 133.99

Table Cloth (180 x 280)
Unit Price: +$ 169.99

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