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Linked Hearts

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Linked Hearts

The timeless design of Linked Hearts is Hand Embroidered in soft pastel Pink, Blue and White on 100% cotton.

The three linked hearts are embroidered with one larger central heart flanked by two smaller hearts. The hearts are topped with pastel pink grub rose buds, soft green leaves and a pale blue ribbon that wraps around the central heart.

The linked Heart design is available in selected products over the three ranges - Manchester, Napery and the Baby range.
Product Price:
* Products available in this design:
Napkin (50 x 50)
Unit Price: +$ 12.99

Placemat (33 x 48)
Unit Price: +$ 16.99

Runner (40 x 120)
Unit Price: +$ 39.99

Guest Towel (38 x 55)
Unit Price: +$ 25.99

Quantities for each item can be adjusted as needed by viewing your shopping cart, available from the "View/Checkout" button on the left column

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